Michael Streiner

Product Manager / Software & Hardware Engineer / Adventurer

About me

Hi, I’m Michael.

I'm living in Baden-Baden right now, but always partially living in my van in the mountains around Europe.

Due to my IT profession, I'm very fortunate to be able to work remote in my van and get to spend the evenings hiking, flying or climbing or all of that together.

Building up teams, motivation and trust is what I love and did as a Developer, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Lead Product Manager and also do during my free time in caving, canyoning, paragliding and mountaineering.

Professionally as well as personally, I believe that with a hands-on mentality, collaboration and trust everything is possible in this world.

I love to get my hands dirty to get things done and to understand what's needed and what I ask others or talk about. This started early in my education when I crashed computer classes with a little self-written program, built a double bed from oak and ebony without screws or glue, forged a Damascus steel knife and started building websites and planning products.

In school I was taught that to succeed, you need your hand, heart and your brain together!

Current projects

ESP8266 board wired to an Arduino board

Really Smart Light 🤖

Building the world's first personal real "smart" light (not only connected but automatically reacting to the environment around it)

Community Canyoning Web APP

Building a community collaboration app for Canyoneers to replace the shut down CWiki (preview.canyoning.or.at)

Learning PCB design and 3D printing

In order to build my smart light, the sensors and electronics need to be integrated into a sexy package. Thus, I need to design and produce the PCB and housing

Becoming a Mountain Rescuer

With the help of weekly trainings and additional over the weekend courses in medical and technical handling, I'll become a mountain rescuer

sample image of a cave map

Cave exploration & mapping

Creating cave maps based on survey data collected during past expeditions

Developing open source PCBs

Whenever I find the time to build small and helpfull things.

Past projects

Supporting Aptera in the German market with aptera-deutschland.de / apteramotors.de

Website for a photovoltaics electrician Georg Stütz - stuetz-pv.de

Website for a electrician Ingo Höhlich - hoehlich.de

Website for a physiotherapist and communication trainer - patienten-fluesterer.de

Club activity management web app (for my caving club in the Austrian mountains)

How to get started caving site to support the international year of cave and karst (Höhlenforschung.org)

barista making late art

Becoming a Barista

Product-Led company and product transformation

preview screen of portal.emnify.com

IoT Connectivity management B2B CPaaS portal portal.emnify.com

Searching & contracting an external team for a long term partnership

Bilingual hotel website with booking system Villas-Cavo-Marathia.com

Sculptor  website Dieter-Eisenberg.de


University of Würzburg logo

Company presentation recruit IT students at the University of Würzburg

visual post it of the talk on the talk schedule

Tickt ihr wie wir - ReCREWtment in der IT at Developer Camp 2018 in Würzburg

scrum user group Graz logo

Several talks at Scrum User Group Graz Meetups


Product-Led Fundamentals

Product-Led Growth (PLG) certification

Certified LeSS Practitioner

Large enterprise scaled scrum by Craig Larman

Certified Scrum Master
Boris Glogger

Certified Scrum Master (CSM)
Scrum Alliance

Cave rescuer in the Austrian cave rescue team

Austrian Aviation License for Paragliding (Aero-Club)